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Tyre Pressure Valve Cap

flashing tyre pressure valve capNEW - TYRE PRESSURE ALERT VALVE CAP

Low Tyre Pressure Warning

Saves FUEL, TYRES & possibly LIVES.

Actively monitors tyre pressure 24/7

Fits any car, van, mpv, suv and commercial trucks.


  • is a simple device that starts flashing if the tyre pressure falls 4psi (8psi commercial) below the correct pressure
  • so small (approximately 3cm) and light (less than 10g) that it will have virtually no impact on the wheel balancing or on the appearance of the vehicle
  • 100% self contained with onboard batteries. The batteries are good for 2 years standby time & 3+ weeks of blinking.
  • Totally sealed and therefore the batteries cannot be changed.
  • Designed to last & can withstand the toughest of conditions.The body is made of chrome plated brass and the lens polycarbonate.


    • Affordable. A set of 4 valve caps will retail for just £29.99 inc. vat
    • Brand new to the UK
    • Self Calibrating. When the cap is first mounted on the valve stem, it will memorise the tyre pressure. The cap is then calibrated for life & doesn't need resetting.
    • Universal size. The valve cap can be calibrated to any tyre pressure between 10 & 150psi. No need to carry large stocks of different caps.
    • Simple to use. No tools required.

    To see for yourself how much savings can be made either for you as an individual or for fleet management, call or email for a spreadsheet where you can put your own figures in.

    Do you know where your drivers are? Road Angel Fleet


Does exactly what it says on the tin...
D R Unipart

..simple ....brilliant
P V Press Association

This will save me £167k in tyres alone
J C WBG Group

"MPG’s increased from 9.53 to 9.84, the product showed any air loss in the tyre, we had a slow puncture on one of the tyres and the product highlighted this, which saved us a breakdown / call out. Overall the product does what it says on the label "Air Alert".
Well known, large drinks logistics company

"..please get in touch probably the best road saftey product I have heard of for some time."
GH Powys Bus